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A growing business has growing needs. KATSI Canada has the solution. As your client list grows so do their expectation. KATSI now has the ability to grow with you, by providing a new product. A turn key call centre to aid you with technologies ups and downs. Through our strategic partnership with call centre market leader, in America, Asia and Latin America, KATSI now offers a hands off set up, and maintenance of a full technical support facility.

Each project has a singular contact within the company, who will lead and supervise the assignment, and insure its quality as well as timely execution. Due to our vast knowledge and expertise in the IT field, as well as resources of top IT professionals through KATSI Consulting, and our partnership with KATSI Recruit, we have the perfect recipe for success at rock bottom prices. Our Hybrid Managed Outsourcing model, provides you with a professionally monitored, multi-level product with top market performance, at low market prices.

In addition to on-site, off-site and offshore engagements, we offer CoSourcing development solutions that leverage the rich reserves of best of breed IT professionals, scalability of teams and the cost advantage of offshore centers in Canada & India. Delivery of our managed IT projects is supported by a robust delivery infrastructure that consist of onsite & offsite team members, our proven and flexible kForce Methodology, partnerships with the world-leading technology providers and rich industry experience in executing assignments for global customers.

All engagement models includes a project manager/nucleus team at your premises that keeps you posted on the status of the project to ensure appropriate project control. 

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