Our Mission is to be one of the top few providers in the application  and ... More

Our Product 'MedAZ' is an Electronic Medical Record solution for the physician in a primary care setting ...More

KATSI Canada, an affiliate of KATSI group of companies, offers best-in-class IT service solutions and products to small and large businesses in Canada. KATSI Canada provides five key solutions for your growing business.

Our league of ready professional consultants in the IT and GIS fields will give you peace of mind through hard work and their expertise. They will secure your future by timely and accurate completion of projects as well as training of your in-house employees. Their commitment to you and the work is superior in the field.

KATSI provides traditional services in software design and customization. Well known for our innovative products and out of the box thinking, we specialize in high security financial and health software, as well as HR solutions. Our product ‘MedAZ’ is an Electronic Medical Record solution for comprehensive practice management for the physician in a primary care setting.

The perfect package wouldn't be complete without offering the option of total technical support for your IT Department and your clients. Our worldwide offices and partners provide KATSI with a unique design of an Integrated Hybrid Contact Center Model and Outsourced managed HR. Now your company can access the world markets and communicate in style with safety and security of a seamless operation. Our international affiliations give you access to new possibilities and markets.

The right people, the ideal solution for the right price.

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