Services Offered: Projects, People, Products

Our customers retain our services for a spectrum of IT services ranging from IT strategy consulting to use technology as a enabler to sustain a competitive advantage, giving us the complete responsibility of managed project executions and to leverage our global IT skills sourcing capabilities.

Technology Practice Areas

We build robust and scalable IT Solutions for customers worldwide. The delivery of these solutions is driven by our focused technology practice Groups:

  • CAD/CAM & CAE Practice
  • Web Technology Practice (J2EE, Microsoft.Net & Mobile computing Groups)
  • ERP Practice
  • Legacy & Enterprise Application Integration Practice
  • HIPAA Group

Managed Projects

Our managed software development offerings address the following challenges:

  • Timely access to required technical skills and domain expertise at manageable costs.
  • Keeping new development initiatives on course without ignoring the on-going needs of existing applications.

In addition to on-site, off-site and offshore engagements, we offer CoSourcing™ development solutions that leverage the rich reserves of best of breed IT professionals, scalability of teams and the cost advantage of offshore centers in Canada & India. Delivery of our managed IT projects is supported by a robust delivery infrastructure that consist of onsite & offsite team members, our proven and flexible kForce™ Methodology, partnerships with the world-leading technology providers and rich industry experience in executing assignments for global customers. All engagement models includes a project manager/nucleus team at your premises that keeps you posted on the status of the project to ensure appropriate project control.

On-Site Project Staffing

Our on-site Project Staffing services for IT projects provides our clients with the best-of-breed professionals – teams of developers, tech-leads, project managers and solutions architects. We put together just-the-right-teams just-in-time to get your project rolling. Our focus is on the technology areas of our practice groups.


EMBA (Employee Morale Booster Application) system is an electronic commerce business application that allows you to retain your most important asset, your employee Motivation is about creating the right environment in which everyone has the same opportunity and helps them make choices that benefit both the company and the individual. Typical tools, such as rewards, recognition, and advancement, can motivate most people. Providing a common, set of specified goals, intermediate and annual measurements tells employees that the playing field is level and gives them the feeling that they are getting a fair shake. EMBA provides a scalable and integrated technology that spans human resource award processes and connects multiple platforms through the Intranet in a seamless environment. The EMBA system consists of the ICIP (Incentive Compensation Intranet Process) module, MCIP (Merit Compensation Intranet Process) module, the ETR(Employee Time Recording) module & the EER(Employee Expense Recording and Tracking) module.

For more information on EMBA , please call us at 732 283 7228.